We are immensely proud of our secret garden, designed and implemented in 2015 by dedicated staff and parents.

Everyone made a valuable contribution towards creating a wonderful, exploratory place for the children to begin their learning journey here.

As part of our education into environmental sustainability , the children are invited to play an active part in the planning of the edible garden. They help weed, compost foods scraps from lunches and have input into choosing vegetables to grow.

Last year the children were awarded a Garden Award by Waverley Council for their contribution to their playground.

The next step we would love to take would be to install a rain water tank and solar panels on our roof to underpin our philosophy of guiding the next generation towards preserving our precious natural resources.

These environmental projects build on our goal to enhance the children’s sense of being and belonging to their community.

Of course these projects require financial planning and we as a community preschool are always applying for Government and business grants whenever we can!

We are mindful of the importance of our sun sense policy of providing plenty of shade for the children to enjoy the outdoor space.

Our stimulating climbing, obstacle courses are shaded as is the sandpit where the children add water when appropriate and have amazing, sensory fun.

Music and group language experiences such as drama and storytelling are an integral part of our programme at Dover Heights Community Preschool. Therefore we value our large, open space we call “the music room”.

The children have space to move freely and express their creative selves.