About Us


Dover Heights Community Preschool is a kindergarten in true meaning of the word a “garden for children” 

We endeavour to provide our community with a nurturing and stimulating educational environment which bridges the gap between home and preschool life.

We are fortunate to be located on a large block of land where we have an expanse of grass and running space for the children to thrive. Alongside the natural environment is a garden with Native plants and a vegetable patch.

We regard it as our responsibility to educate our children about ways in which we can weave environmental sustainability into our everyday lives.

Our approach to teaching is creating a child-centred environment that involves a curriculum valuing individual children’s interests and project-based learning.  These interests are facilitated through documentation, observation, and research.

Our educators are dedicated to ensuring we provide a thoughtful, individualised programme for each child based on their interests and developmental milestones. We plan collaboratively and respectfully as a team and our educational philosophy is underpinned by the principles of The Early Year’s Learning Framework, ensuring the very best possible practices in early childhood education.

As a community preschool we join in a partnership with families using a holistic approach to enhance the child’s learning and well-being. We aim to provide a stable learning environment that enables each child to reach their fullest learning potential.

Philosophy & Mission

We believe in an individualised curriculum that enhances each child’s potential to direct their own learning journey. We believe we are creating a child-centred environment that facilitates the children’s emerging ideas and knowledge through documentation , observation and reflection.
We believe in joining a partnership with families using a holistic approach to ensure our children’s well-being. We aim to provide a secure and stimulating learning environment that enables each child to develop towards ” belonging, being, becoming” Early Years’ Learning Framework (DEEWR 2009)